Jones - Imboden Raid, Cheat River Bridge

Directions to July, 2016 CWRT Picnic

JOAN GIBSON’S: 1104 Koontz Ave. (304-685-8765)

Directions from Cheat area: --From Mileground turn right onto 705 at the traffic circle and go past Sheetz’s to light at intersection w/ VanVoorhis Rd. (bank on rt.). --go through intersection and up Burrough’s St. --turn left at top of hill (Suncrest Place on rt.) onto Windsor (this is first left possible) --continue on Windsor to Munsey St. and turn right (only way can turn). --at next intersection (Munsey and Koontz) turn right up our drive You will be driving along my field before the turn. Park in the field to right of drive.

Directions from Morgantown area: --from Morgantown, Patteson Drive area find the intersection of Patteson Drive, University Ave. and VanVoorhis (this is the major intersection near Kroger’s and Boston Beanery). --turn onto University Ave. heading away from Morgantown towards Suncrest/Star City. --at the top of the rise (less than a block) turn right onto Koontz Ave. (just before the WVU Health Offices Bldg. on rt. and Wes Banco on left) --go down Koontz Ave. and continue up my gravel drive where Koontz dead ends at Munsey St. –parking is in the field to the right

The Mason-Dixon Civil War Round Table meets every third Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Heritage Village in Morgantown, WV. No meetings are scheduled for the months of July (summer social), April (Symposium), December (Christmas) and January (winter social).

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The Center for Civil War Photograhy

The Center for Civil War Photography was founded in 1999 and since then has become one of the leading resources for Civil War photography. The Mission of the Center is:

• To educate the public about Civil War photography, its role in the conflict, and its rich variety of forms and formats;
• To digitally secure original images and preserve vintage prints;
• To enhance the accessibility of photographs to the public;
• To present interpretive programs that use stereoscopic and standard images to their fullest potential.

The Center is a non-profit organization; our members receive discounts to our annual Image of War seminar and also receive our newsletters. The CCWP has produced 3-D presentations running in museums throughout the country. Here is a brief sample of one of our anaglyph 3-D shows:



The web site for the Civil War Photography is http://www.civilwarphotography.org/