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In August, 2001, law professor and Civil War devotee, Forest J. Bowman, gathered thirteen people known to have an interest in the American Civil War and proposed an organization called a "Round Table."  Patterned after many like-named organizations around the country, the first newsletter described these character participants as having "diverse backgrounds, from scholars, re-enactors and business people to a retiree looking for something to keep him out of trouble."

It was resolved that the purpose of the organization was "to promote and to further stimulate interest in all aspects and phases of the American Civil War period; to further the serious non-partisan discussion and study of the Civil War; and to assist in the preservation of Civil War battlefields, sites, memorabilia, and artifacts."

From its initial program offered by Bowman on the Lincoln assassination to the present, the organization has benefited from well-researched and passionate presentations by members, regional historians, and nationally known experts in the field.  Topics have been diverse but a recurring focus has been western Virginia, our region, before, during and after the War.  In 2003, the organization sponsored its first, one-day Symposium on the War, attracting well-known speakers and attendees from four surrounding states.  The organization has become a respected source of Civil War information and a friendly destination for those who avocations include this period of American and West Virginia history.